HIVE is the perfect place to connect with other members who share the clubs values of ambition, courage, loyalty and productivity mindset to

  • Collaborate
  • Brainstorm
  • Work


As a technology-driven business networking, we understand the value of;

  • Online Exposure
  • Members Exposure
  • List any available positions


Connectify Hives use following tools on a daily basis;

  • EverKard | Live Business Card
  • Thrivify | Next Generation Productivity
  • Blueprint | Design Tomorrow Today

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Your Network is Your Net Worth

Productivist Nation

Need a business-defined network?

Balancing day to day tasks of running your business and also finding time to build a strong network never has been easy. 

That is why we provide you with an ultimate business networking service that is designed to ensure you gain value from the Connectify business network club by keeping you engaged and helping you utilise your network under one umbrella.

Our members instantly gain access to our ultimate business network, a productivist nation, a community of envisioners, innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners with the ambition to make a difference and believe in productivism.

Productivism or growthism is the belief that measurable productivity and growth are the purpose of human organization (e.g., work), and that "more production is necessarily good". Ref Wikipedia

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To be part of Connectify is to be part of a business community that all members are thriving to expand their network, focused on personal and professional growth, educational, impacting society and protecting the environment.


HIVE is the perfect place to connect with other members weekly basis and online to collaborate, brainstorm or work.

Connectify's members gain exclusive access to gatherings, workshops, seminars and events where they can create alliances with other envisioners, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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How are we different?

All members hold the sole position for their business category within a hive. It means you are in a non-competitive environment that focuses greater collaboration and teamwork with an aim toward shared objectives. Other Connectifiy's members in your Hive will support you by referring your business and make introductions to expand your network.

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Are you one of Australia’s next generation business productivist?

As a member, you will have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with other envisioners, productivists, entrepreneurs and business owners through a range of networking services, such as;

  • Events
  • Networking
  • Workshops to educate yourself
  • Connections- our membership team will connect you to other relevant members.
  • HIVE connect with your fellow members online and in person.
  • You can also advertise your business in Connectify's business directory
  • You can take advantage of Connectify's Job Network

We will also assist in building your personal business profile within the community, allowing other members to identify you for your area of expertise and for your achievements

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Open a Connectify Hub in your area and join Australia's business-defined network

Connectify’s mission is to assist the growth of local businesses by establishing productivist business-defined networking groups.

We are committed to assisting enthusiastic professionals who want to take a leadership role in Connectify’s mission through the establishment of new hives in their local area.

Connectify will directly support the establishment, marketing and growth of new hives.